Alan Jones


This website has no theme; it's just a small window into my world. Originally, I planned to increasingly show examples of my artwork but that has taken something of a back seat as other things got in the way. The intention remains but we'll see. The information on where we live and the travel we undertake is still current but the idea of a picture gallery that posted a few photographs was superseded by starting a blog. That became more current as it publishes essays and comments on aspects of day-to-day life that interest or, sometimes, irk me. As a consequence, the photo gallery is under construction so bear with me as I'm still a novice at this. As always, the exercise is unashamedly self-indulgent and the site will be a bit patchy until it evolves and perhaps improves with age. A bit like all of us, I guess. 




Southern Sweden is not always very cold and doesn't have the kind of winters that are often thought of as 'Swedish'. But we do have some snow most years - sometimes lots of it - and when it comes it can be very picturesque. This is a view of the road into our village on an Easter Sunday.



















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