Alan Jones

Typically me; watching something flying by rather than taking notice of the people I'm with. These are the mountains of Eastern UAE, rising to 1000m and very near Fujairah on the East Coast.



Briefly - born in Shoreditch in the East End of London, but longer ago than I care to share with you; formative years in Stevenage, where I worked in an architectural practice and learnt so much from Dennis Clark; studied at Kingston, which was a cool School of Art when it attracted me, a Polytechnic when it trained me to be an architect and a University when I looked it up on the web; practice in lots of places, but mostly in the Middle East and London; still in love with the Sultanate of Oman but now dividing my time between England, Sweden and Dubai; married to Anna - a rare find indeed - a Swede with an infectious smile and a sense of humour.



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